Industrial Brake Liner & Brake Pad


brake liner brake lining  Brakelining

we offer brake linings which are procured from reliable vendors and are offered at industry leading prices to our clients.We are the leading manufacturers of brake shoe liners and have been catering to the clients need for past many years. These Industrial brake roll liners are heat resistant materials with high coefficient of friction and are very cost effective as compared to other shock absorbers The performance parameters and the other specifications of Industrial Brake Roll Liner are mentioned below.

Technical specifications:

  • The tensile strength of the liners are 180-200Kg/cm-square, compressive strength is 630-650Kg/cm-square, rivet holding capacity is 885-925Kg/cm-square.
  • Recommended maximum temperature is 260 °C and maximum continuous temperature is 125 °C .
  • Recommended mating surface is good quality close grain or alloy cast iron.


woven friction sheet1 woven friction sheet

Woven friction sheet material having a woven fibre yarn base with metallic inclusions in the form of brass wire. It is impregnated with an infusible bond capable of withstanding reasonably high clutch temperatures. It has a medium coefficient of friction, combined with good resistance to temperature and wear. It is intended for use under dry operating conditions and is available in flat sheet form.

Technical data:

  • Friction for design purpose 0.23 (dry)
  • Physical properties (normal)
  • Data based on standard rest methods.
  • Tensile strength 280kg/cm-square
  • Shear strength 360Kg/cm-square
  • Compressive strength
  • 2250Kg/cm-square
  • Rivet holding capacity 1230Kg/cm-square
  • Specific gravity: 1.7


moulded friction sheet molded friction sheet

Service Features:

Good grip moulded friction material, slate grey in colour, having a random fibre base and containing metallic inclusions in form of brass chippings. It is available in flat sheet form and is suitable for use either dry or in oil immersed.


  •  Clutches for marine gear boxes.
  •  Steering clutches for tractors.
  •  Clutches for Forging power presses, machine tools and other industrial plant and machinery etc.

Technical data:

  • Friction for design purposes 0.28 (dry)
  • Physical properties (Normal): 280kg/cm-square
  • Data based on standard test methods.
  • Specific gravity : 2.1 to 2.2